My Story

Cutting-edge singer-songwriter and pianist Joanna Joy aims to inspire and uplift with her captivating voice.  Her powerful vocal stylings can't be put into a box; its a fusion of Pop, Indie and Blues with a unique and creative magic that truly sets her apart from the rest.  Currently ranked in the "top 5" for female Pop artist out of her home-base city in Phoenix, AZ, Joy has quickly stolen the hearts of over 5k fans in less than a year.

Joy grew up in Spokane, Washington and graduated from Lakeside High School in 2005.  She was raised in a very close family of five; Joy being the middle child says, "That if it wasn't for my family, I wouldn't be the kind, humble and hardworking person I am today".  She taught herself to play the piano at a young age and quickly grew to love playing songs "by ear" that she heard on the radio.  She frequently sang in church and acted in musical theatre.  As she got older, her performance grew to local voice competitions, runway shows, town events & holidays, and military benefit shows.  It wasn't until August 2012 that she decided to make a huge leap of faith and move to Arizona; away from all her friends and everything she's known to pursue music.  She is currently performing at shows all over the state and working on writing original songs in preparation of recording her Debut EP.  

She has played on stage for big musical and town festivals, at bars and restaurants, at RAW:natural born artists events, and for church and private parties.  "I am always looking for more opportunities to get my music out there and grow my brand with every new experiences. I moved to Arizona to broaden my music career, fan base and increase my opportunities." says Joy.  I am a solo artist that has been singing since early childhood, and i'm not ashamed to say its been a dream of mine to be a STAR!  Right now i'm spending countless hours working to expand my music repertoire so I can book as many gigs as possible.  I love doing local shows for my fans or even traveling to play in a new venue and experience a new city.  I truly love to perform!  I feel alive on stage and nothing is going to stop me from reaching my dreams.  -JoannaJoy